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Special lecture Grand Ballroom A+B(3F), Saturday, September 12th, 14:55-15:40
Chairperson: Duk Kyung Kim
Chris Packard
University of Glasgow, UK
Evidence Matters: Success and Failure in Lipid Regulating Trials
Prof. Chris Packard is R&D Director of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Honorary Professor of Vascular Biochemistry, University of Glasgow, and Consultant Clinical Scientist for NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Biochemistry, Scotland, UK. His research interests have focused on lipoprotein metabolism and how it is affected by diets and pharmacotherapy, and more recently, emerging risk factors for coronary heart disease and the consequences of social deprivation for health.
Professor Packard is principal investigator of the ongoing pSoBid study, an epidemiological study of the psychosocial and biological determinants of ill health and premature CHD in deprived communities in the east end of Glasgow.
In this special session of ICLA 2015, Prof. Packard will give is a comprehensive lecture on 'goods' and 'bads' of recent clinical trials on development of lipid-regulating agents and will introduce emerging drugs targeting reduction of cardiovascular risk, entitled, "Evidence Matters: Success and Failure in Lipid Regulating Trials".

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