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Symposium 1 - Recent Update on Vascular Imaging Friday, September 11th (09:00-11:00) - Grand Ballroom A(3F)
Chairpersons: Jeong Euy Park, Moon-Kyu Lee
Organizers: Sungha Park, Sang-Ho Jo, Soon Jun Hong
Jaemoon Yang
Yonsei University, Korea
MR Plaque Imaging for Cardiovascular Research: Where Are We Now?
Jin-Ho Choi
Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
Role of Coronary CT Angiography for Screening in High Risk Patients?
Byoung Joo Choi
Ajou University, Korea
Coronary Endothelial Dysfunction Is Associated with Inflammation and Vasa Vasorum Proliferation
Pilhan Kim
KAIST, Korea
In Vivo Vascular Imaging
Panel Discussion : Sungha Park, Wang-Soo Lee, Sang-Ho Jo, Soon Jun Hong

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Symposium 2 - Remaining Task of the Latest Dyslipidemia Guidelines Friday, September 11th (13:50-15:50) - Grand Ballroom A(3F)
Chairpersons: Hyun Chul Lee, Chee Jeong Kim
Organizers: Kee-Ho Song, Byung Jin Kim, Hae-Young Lee
Sang-Hyun Kim
Seoul National University, Korea
Future Perspectives in New Korean Cholesterol Treatment Guideline
Ki Hoon Han
University of Ulsan, Korea
Pros and Cons of the Latest Western Dyslipidemia Guidelines
Hyeon Chang Kim
Yonsei University, Korea
Is the Current Risk Evaluation for Cardiovascular Disease in Korean Cholesterol Guideline Appropriate?
Sung-Rae Kim
The Catholic University, Korea
Role of Combination Therapy in Atherogenic Dyslipidemia
Panel Discussion : Dae Jung Kim, Byung Jin Kim, Kee-Ho Song, Hae-Young Lee

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Symposium 3 - Cardiometabolic Nutrition Research: Systems Biology of Nutrition Friday, September 11th (13:50-15:50) - Grand Ballroom B(3F)
Chairpersons: Hyun-Sook Kim, Yangha Kim
Organizers: Oh Yoen Kim, Min-Jeong Shin
So-Youn Shin
Bristol University, UK
An Atlas of Genetic Influences on Human Blood Metabolites
Jiyoung Ahn
New York University, USA
Human Microbiome, Diet, and Non-communicable Disease Risk
Min-Jeong Shin
Korea University, Korea
Genes, Nutrition and Obesity Prevention
Yoon Jung Park
Ewha Womans University, Korea
A Novel Epigenetic Mechanism in Fat Metabolism and Its Transgenerational Effects

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Symposium 4 - Recent Updates on Clinical Trials on Lipid-lowering Agents Friday, September 11th (16:10-17:40) - Grand Ballroom A(3F)
Chairpersons: Hyun Ho Shin, Sung Chull Chae
Organizers: Byung Wan Lee, Dong-Ho Shin
Chris Packard
University of Glasgow, UK
IMPROVE-IT: An Update on LDL Lowering Trials
Masato Odawara
Tokyo Medical School, Japan
HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors and Incident Diabetes: Do Statins Increase Diabetes Risk? Lessons from J-PREDICT Study
Kwang Kon Koh
Gachon University, Korea
Is It Not Timely to Consider How to Balance Cardiorenometabolic Benefits and Risks of Statins?
Panel Discussion : Dong-Ho Shin, Byung Wan Lee, Sung Hee Choi, Soon Jun Hong

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Symposium 5 - State-of-the Art Research on Atherosclerosis Friday, September 11th (16:10-17:40) - Grand Ballroom B(3F)
Chairpersons: Kwang-Won Kim, Hyo Soo Kim
Organizers: Kyung-Hyun Cho, Chung-Hyun Cho
In-June Kim
KAIST, Korea
Role of Sox17 in Cerebrovascular System
Seung-Whan Kim
University of Ulsan, Korea
Uncoupling Lipogenesis and Reverse Cholesterol Transport by Modulating a Hepatic Coactivator
Olivier Meilhac
INSERM, France
High-density Lipoproteins in Stroke
Panel Discussion : Woo-Keun Seo, Woo Je Lee, Kyung-Hyun Cho, Chung-Hyun Cho

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Symposium 6 - Immune System and Atherosclerosis Saturday, September 12th (08:40-10:40) - Grand Ballroom A(3F)
Chairpersons: Ho Young Son, Hun Taeg Chung
Organizers: Goo Taeg Oh, Jin Han, Jaetaek Kim
Young Mi Park
Ewha Womans University, Korea
Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment Prevents Atherosclerosis in Hypercholesterolemic Mice
Babak Razani
Washington University, USA
Harnessing the Autophagy-Lysosomal Biogenesis Response in Macrophages to Treat Atherosclerosis
Yeonseok Chung
Seoul National University, Korea
T Cells at the Crossroad of Atherosclerosis and Autoimmunity
Catherine Martel
Montreal Heart Institute, Canada
Lymphatic Vasculature Mediates Macrophage Reverse Cholesterol Transport in Mice
Panel Discussion : Jaetaek Kim, Dae Ho Lee, Goo Taeg Oh, Tong-Shin Chang

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Symposium 7 - Dyslipidemia besides Statin and LDL-C Saturday, September 12th (08:40-10:40) - Grand Ballroom B(3F)
Chairpersons: Hong Kyu Lee, Young-Bae Park
Organizers: Yong-Seok Kim, Shin Ae Kang
Sang-Hak Lee
Yonsei University, Korea
Statin Intolerance: Diagnosis, Treatment and Alternative Therapies
Sin Gon Kim
Korea University, Korea
Approach to Non-LDL Targets of Dyslipidemia
Sang-Hyun Kim
Seoul National University, Korea
Newer Lipid-lowering Agents: Focused on PCSK-9 Inhibitors
Kyu Yeon Hur
Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
Gut Microbiota and Metabolic Disorders
Panel Discussion : Shin Ae Kang, Dong-Bin Kim, So Hun Kim, Yong-Seok Kim

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Symposium 8 - Glucose Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease Saturday, September 12th (13:20-14:55) - Grand Ballroom A(3F)
Chairpersons: Joong-Yeol Park, Jeong Taek Woo
Organizers: So Yeon Choi, Hae Jin Kim
Inkyu Lee
Kyungpook National University, Korea
Bridging Mechanisms of Glucose Metabolism and CVD: Oxidative Stress, Chronic Sympathetic Activation, Inflammation
So Hun Kim
Inha University, Korea
Cardiovascular Effects of Antidiabetic Drugs
Soo Joong Kim
Kyung Hee University, Korea
Effects of LDL Lowering Drugs on Glucose Metabolism: Statin vs Ezetimibe
Panel Discussion : Jung-Sun Kim, Min Kyong Moon, In-Kyung Jeong, So Yeon Choi

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Symposium 9 - Recent Update of Adipokines, Myokines and Hepatokines in Atherosclerosis: Exploring Novel Therapeutic Targets Saturday, September 12th (13:20-14:55) - Grand Ballroom B(3F)
Chairpersons: Sang Hong Baek, Hak Chul Jang
Organizers: Ji A Seo, Chang Hee Jung
Goo Taeg Oh
Ewha Womans University, Korea
Role of Novel Adipokines in Atherosclerosis (Adipokine Retnla Protects against Hypercholesterolemia and Atherosclerosis)
Noriyuki Ouchi
Nagoya University, Japan
Role of Novel Myokines in Atherosclerosis (Role of Myokine "Fstl1" in Vascular Injury)
Hye Jin Yoo
Korea University, Korea
Role of Novel Hepatokines in Atherosclerosis (Clinical Implications of Novel Hepatokines in Atherosclerosis)
Panel Discussion : Sunghwan Suh, Ji A Seo, Chi Young Shim, Chang Hee Jung

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Symposium 10 - Statin and Stroke Prevention: beyond SPARCL Saturday, September 12th (15:40-17:40) - Grand Ballroom A(3F)
Chairpersons: Dong Ju Choi, Dae Il Chang
Organizers: Yong-Jae Kim, Hyun Ji Cho
Eung-Gyu Kim
Inje University, Korea
Cardiogenic Stroke and Statin
Oh Young Bang
Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
Intracranial Atherosclerotic Plaque and Statin
Jong-Ho Park
Seonam University, Korea
Hemorrhagic Stroke and Statin
Hyo Suk Nam
Yonsei University, Korea
Acute Ischemic Stroke and Statin
Panel Discussion : Jinkwon Kim, Eun Jung Rhee, Woo-Keun Seo, Pil-Wook Chung

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Basic Research Committee Workshop - Basic Study of Lipidomics and Evaluation of Anti-atherosclerotic Agents - (Korean) Friday, September 11th (09:00-11:00) - Grand Ballroom B(3F)
Chairpersons: Chi Dae Kim, Jin Han
Organizers: Jin Han, Kyung-Hyun Cho
Kwang Pyo Kim
Kyung Hee University, Korea
Application of Proteomics and Lipidomics Technologies to Biomarker Discovery in Metabolic Diseases
Olivier Meilhac
INSERM, France
Pleiotropic Effects of High-density Lipoproteins - Potential Therapeutic Applications
Man Ho Choi
KIST, Korea
Bringing Mass Spectrometry-based Cholesterol Signatures into the Clinical Endocrinology
Kyung-Hyun Cho
Yeungnam University, Korea
Evaluation Method of Functional Food for Treatment of Metabolic Disease
Panel Discussion : Hyun Kook, Jae Ryong Kim, Young Mi Park, Goo Taeg Oh

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Food and Nutrition Committee Workshop - Nutritional Issues in Cardiovascular Disease Management - (Korean) Saturday, September 12th (08:40-10:40) - Grand Ballroom C(3F)
Chairperson: Eun Mi Kim, Sung-Rae Kim
Organizers: Eun Mi Kim, Inkyung Baik
Yoon Ju Song
The Catholic University of Korea, Korea
Sugar Intake & CVD Risk in Korean Population
Yongsoon Park
Hanyang University, Korea
Summary of Nutritional Recommendations in Revised Dyslipidemia Treatment Guideline of KSLA
Soo Jin Yang
Seoul Women's University, Korea
Dietary Cholesterol Restriction, Is It Needed or Not?
Panel Discussion : Dae Jung Kim, Oh Yoen Kim, Mi-Sun Park, Kyungwon Oh

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Presentation for Projects Funded by KSLA - (Korean) Saturday, September 12th (13:20-14:55) - Grand Ballroom C(3F)
Chairpersons: Hyun-Jae Kang, Jin Han
Organizers: Hyun-Jae Kang, Jin Han
Woo-Young Chung
Seoul National University, Korea
The Serum Concentration of MicroRNA-33 and Its Changes by Statin Treatment in High LDL Cholesterolemic Patients
Sung Ryul Lee
Inje University, Korea
Rapid Non-genomic Signaling Induced by Cortisol
Panel Discussion

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Organizations-KSLA Joint Symposium with KSTH (Korean Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis) - (Korean) Saturday, September 12th (15:40-17:40) - Grand Ballroom C(3F)
Chairperson: Youngkeun Ahn
Organizers: Youngkeun Ahn, Young Joon Hong
Soo-Mee Bang
Seoul National University, Korea
Metabolic Syndrome Increases Risk of Venous Thrombosis?
Won-Il Choi
Keimyung University, Korea
Direct Oral Anticoagulants: Outpatient Care for Venous Thrombosis
Sang Hoon Na
Seoul National University, Korea
Long Journey of the Aspirin for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction
Hui-Nam Park
Yonsei University, Korea
Direct Oral Anticoagulants: New and Safe Bullet for Stroke Prevention?
Panel Discussion : Sung-Soo Yoon, Ki Yuk Chang, Eun Gyoung Hong, Young Joon Hong

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Oral Presentation 1 Saturday, September 12th (15:40-16:40) - Grand Ballroom B(3F)
Chairpersons : Sang-Hyun Ihm, Sungha Park
Tomoya Yamashita
OP 1-1
A Possible Link of Gut Microbiota in Coronary Artery Disease
Elyse Di Marco
OP 1-2
NADPH Oxidase Isoform 4 (Nox4) Regulates Vascular Smooth Muscle Phenotypic Switch in Diabetesaccelerated Atherosclerosis
Chien-Chang Liao
OP 1-3
Adverse Outcomes After Non-cardiac Surgery in Patients with Myocardial Infarction: A Nationwide Study
Kelvin Ho Man Kwok
Hong Kong
OP 1-4
Local Adipose Tissue Inflammation Promotes Atherosclerosis Development through a JNK-AFABP Axis
Yoshiro Maezawa
OP 1-5
The Loss of Tcf21 in Glomerular Podocytes Leads to Enhanced Diabetic Nephropathy and Defect in Podocyte Development
Sejin Jeon
OP 1-6
Soluble Ninjurin-1 Is a Novel Protective Factor against Atherosclerosis

English Korean
Oral Presentation 2 Saturday, September 12th (16:40-17:40) - Grand Ballroom B(3F)
Chairpersons : Moon Suk Nam, Goo Taeg Oh
Yin Siew Wen
OP 2-1
Is habitual Rice Consumption Associated with Excess Adiposity? Study Findings from Middle-aged Chinese Women in Malaysia
Hack-Lyoung Kim
OP 2-2
Soluble ST2 as a Marker of Aortic Stiffness: an Invasive Hemodynamic Study
Dragana Dragoljevic
OP 2-3
Altered Cellular Cholesterol Homeostasis in Murine Models of Rheumatoid Arthritis Contributes to Extramedullary Haematopoiesis and Monocytosis
EunSun Cheong
OP 2-4
Relationship between Lipoprotein (a) Level and Mortality in 72766 Korean Adults
Fatiha Tabet
OP 2-5
High-Density Lipoproteins-associated microRNAs: Origin, Export/delivery and Regulation
Jae-Yong Kim
OP 2-6
Functionally Enhanced Lipoprotein Properties by Eight-week Consumption of Policosanol in Middle-aged People

English Korean
Poster Presentation Saturday, September 12th (10:40-11:00) - Studio room 8(6F)
Chairpersons : Min Kyong Moon, Jaetaek Kim,
Sang-Hyun Kim, Byung Jin Kim
Hwan-Jin Hwang
PP 1-1
Dipeptidyl Petidase-IV Inhibitor (gemigliptin) Inhibits Tunicamycin-induced Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress, Apoptosis and Inflammation in H9c2 Cardiomyocytes
Eun Young Lee
PP 1-2
Triglyceride Glucose Index, a Marker of Insulin Resistance, Predicts Coronary Atherosclerosis in Asymptomatic Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes
So Ra Yoon
PP 2-1
Phosphorylation of H2AX in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells May Be a Useful Marker for Monitoring Cardiometabolic Risk in Nondiabetic Individuals
Ji-Hyun Kim
PP 2-2
A New Role for Estrogen Related Receptor γ (ERRγ) in Vascular Calcification
Mak-Soon Lee
PP 3-1
Effects of Eicosapentaenoic Acid and Docosahexaenoic Acid on Mitochondrial DNA Replication and PGC-1α Activation in C2C12 Muscle Cells
Hae Jin Kee
PP 3-2
HDAC4 Is A Novel Therapeutic Target Gene for the Treatment of Hypertension
Sung Hye Kong
PP 4-1
Efficacy of Various Statins in the Treatment of Dyslipidemia in Korean Type 2 Diabetic Patients
Jaewon Oh
PP 4-2
Achievement of Treatment Target in Korean Patients with Familial Hypercholesterolemia

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